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Ciao! Welcome

I'm so happy to have you here. I hope you are well. My goal for this website is to make browsing through all the content on personal branding and image management as convenient and as resourceful as possible.

My other goal is to make you feel and look like the leader you were born to be. If you are like my most clients and readers, you are a high-achiever, ambitious, and successful professional or entrepreneur. Presenting yourself appropriately is not an option, but an obligation to you, your work and community. You are here because you want to make an impact in our world and would like to equip yourself with the correct brand, self-packaging and business tools to do it. 

Through my videos, blog, eBook or services, I aim to give you the information, tips and updates on how you can put your best foot forward to influence and stand out from your overcrowded industry and achieve your goals. 

Here's how you can get the best use out of my website and hopefully we can get to know each other and make wonderful things happen. 



A little bit about Me

I'm a personal brand and image management consultant based in beautiful Milan, Italy. I moved to Italy about seven years ago from Saudi Arabia and this bold move changed the course of my life. If you wish to learn a little bit more about my story visit my about page here.  

Originally, though, I'm Eritrean. My parents both come from a humble village, about 30 minutes away from Asmara, called Quazen. I am mostly on the move, in search of local street markets (where I find most of my vintage brooches) and on the look out for the best pizzeria in town. 



Let's Connect online

The best way to get in touch is where I like to hang out to be connected with my people from all around the world; online. Outside of my workshops and training programs, I like to travel and indulge in local food. Yeah... my love for food runs deep. So you'll see plenty of dishes in my stories. I'd love to get to know you and keep in touch with you too. Are you on any one of the social media platforms? Let's connect on either one (or all) and exchange hearts and likes! 



Weekly videos on YouTube



Join The Image of Success

Almost every Sunday, I like to share some tips and ideas related to personal branding and image management. It is dedicated specifically to anyone who wishes to grow in their industry by working on their first impressions, personal brand and confidence. I'd love to invite you to subscribe here to the channel (for free of course) and never miss an episode!


Our private group on Facebook offers our esteemed members the freedom to share their thoughts and is packed with relevant resources, tips and ideas that will help you manage your brand and image. Become a member by answering the questionnaire and let's nail your Image of Success. Here is the link to the group. 



The Complete Personal Brand Roadmap (free)

I’ve created a Personal Brand Roadmap with all the steps you need to start and grow a business around You.

This roadmap is a checklist with 60+ steps that will help you on your path to building a brand + business and keep track of your progress. Pick your free roadmap here.



Free eBook (Million $ Image)

I've also created an eBook called Million Dollar Image Without Breaking the Bank last year because it was one of the frequent asked questions by my students. I wanted to make it available for you too.

This eBook will help you look and dress better. I share simple things that you can do to look more refined and expensive without spending big money. Get your free copy here. 



Take Action

If you're ready to take your personal brand and presentation to the next level, then this complimentary assessment call is for you. 

During this assessment call we will get to know each other and discuss how I can help you the best way possible. You can read more about what happens next here before scheduling your call.

See you on the other side. 


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