Capsule Dabash for Brides



The Capsule Dabash is designed for the conscious, ethical and stylish bride.

My great friend, Amani Abudawood and I, are coming together to make sure that your dressing and styling needs are met as you step into your new marriage journey.

Introducing the Capsule Dabash in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the concept is building an ethical capsule wardrobe for the bride-to-be with very close attention to what clothes, abayas or accessories such as purses, shoes and jewelry to purchase as you enter your new home.

The Capsule Dabash allows you to make use of your wardrobe budget in the most efficient manner because every item that you buy will match your skin-tone, flatter your body form and dress you in a way that is authentic to who you are and what you stand for. The best part of this is that all of your clothes (tops, bottoms, outerwear, dresses) + accessories (shoes, purses, scarves, jewelry) are going to be interchangeable - which means that you can pick any items in your new closet and they will perfectly match together.

The countdown on your big day is on its way soon and marked on the calendar.

This service is currently available in central Jeddah only.



5 Day Program

Day 1   Personal Assessment

On our first day, we’ll do personal assessments to learn more about your personality and character as a person and as a bride. We will go as far as finding out what makes you special, what your goals are and what you stand for. The results will help us identify what clothes and accessories are suitable for you.

Consultant for Day 1 - Fnan

Day 2 Color + Body Assessments

On our second day, we’ll get to the heart of the program by discovering the colors that flatter your skin tone the best and shapes + materials of clothes that will accentuate your body form. The assessments we take today will help us build a style plan to guide our de-cluttering and shopping sessions.

Consultant for Day 2 - Fnan

Day 3 Decluttering Closet + Organization

This is the exciting part where we’ll use the results from the personal, color and body assessments to filter your closet. We’ll take every item in your closet one by one and see which ones look amazing and which ones don’t until we’re only left with the (clothing + accessories) items that will complement your new bridal wardrobe. The ones that we are left with will then be organized in your closet where we’ll share with you tips and tricks to always have a beautifully, well-organized closet.

Consultants for Day 3 - Amani and Fnan

Day 4 Shopping

We know that shopping can be overwhelming for a bride, that’s why we’ll make sure you’re well taken care of. We will go shopping to guide you on what, how and where to buy what you need according to your goals, your personality, your most flattering colors and the ideal styles for your body shape, while staying within your budget.

Consultant for Day 4 - Fnan

Day 5 Packing Bridal Luggage + Honeymoon Bag

Finally, no later than a month from the first session, after we’ve finished shopping for everything you need as a newly bride, we will guide you and show you simple tips on how to pack your honeymoon bag, which will help you in packing your bridal luggage as well and make sure that you never have to worry about what to wear as a bride.

Consultant for Day 5 - Amani

The investment value: SAR 8,000

Investment Value for the first 5 Brides

SAR 5,000

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Contact us by scheduling a call with us or send us a message on Instagram @tabseet or @fnan_teklay to confirm your district in Jeddah to check if your location is within our service. Currently only available in central Jeddah.

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Fnan Teklay @fnan_teklay on Instagram

Fnan Teklay @fnan_teklay on Instagram

Amani Abudawood @tabseet on Instagram

Amani Abudawood @tabseet on Instagram


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