custom Approach

At FNAN.CO we use a tailor-made approach to all of our program offerings. Our 1:1 intensive, group coaching and workshops are made to meet our clients' specific and focused needs, considering their industry, position, background/culture, and personal goals.

🔲 We begin by conducting a private assessment and discovery consultation to learn about your current brand, future goals, and concerns. I'll ask some professional and personal questions to discover hidden blockers, uncover gaps in your image and brand approach and find key insights that will help us move forward. 

🔲 After our initial consulting session, I will leave you with some self-assessment activities to begin doing while I develop an action plan and a 3-6 month program outline. This might take about a week to prepare before our next meeting or call.  

🔲 Once the program is ready we will jump on a call and go over the proposed program and together set our short-long term goals as well as decide on a schedule and timeline that aligns with your availability. 

🔲 The program will be delivered in a form of sessions (single person) or workshops (if it is for more than one person) where we will get on a call conference every week, depending on our schedule together and where I share with you my learnings on first impressions, branding and monetization techniques and tools that you can start applying right away. 

🔲 We will have established a tailored solution at this point where we know exactly what works for you. In this segment of the program we will be ready to implement all of the plans we have developed in building a profitable personal brand, self-promoting, building a network, crafting the value that you offer to your network, developing your professional image, managing your reputation, growing your influence and earning credibility. I'll be with you on call every step of the way to make new changes/habits easily adoptable. 

🔲 What really makes a difference in the long run, is consistent "doing". During and after our consulting program, I will be checking in with you to make sure that all plans are adopted. I will be by your side until you're confident in all of your efforts and you are seeing positive and predictable results.  

When you are ready to work with me, either send me a message here or schedule your call here

Sending you best of luck.