Work Wear Inspiration (Men's Edition)

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This week’s workwear inspiration post is dedicated to the gentlemen.

After receiving positive feedback from last week’s blog post on women’s workwear ideas, (you can read here) I decided to put together some looks for men to sport under three dress code categories, i) corporate wear, ii) business casual wear and iii) creative wear.

So depending on your industry, company culture or dress code at work, select a category that is ideal for you.


Corporate Dress Code

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Corporate looks make up your power suits, dress shirts and everything a man is expected to wear at important company meetings and presentations. Try to invest in pieces that are made of quality material, that fit well, and that can be interchangeably worn with other outfit items.

Business Casual Dress Code

casual man look.jpg

Dress down your formal attire by removing your necktie and opting for chinos for pants and sport jackets or blazer over a professional yet casual look. Just be careful not to dress too casual. Remember, business casual is “laid back” formal, so avoid overly casual pieces such as shorts and sandals.

Creative Dress Code

creative man look.jpg

Express your style and personality through your clothes if your company culture and dress code are not for suit wearing. Play with prints, shapes, colors and styles to define your looks. This dress code is common with people in the entertainment, fashion or creative industries.

Your thoughts? Which is your favorite look? Tell me in the comments below, what dress code does your company apply? Do you have the flexibility in expressing your personality and style at work?

Here is a file with the links to the online stores. Sending you my warm wishes.

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Disclaimer: This blog article is intended to be a general resource only and does not contain any affiliate programs and I do not receive any commission for suggesting the above merchandise. These are all simply my suggestions to my readers.