Where To Find Style Inspiration

Photo Source: Pexels

Photo Source: Pexels

I received a question this week from one of our members at FNAN.CO: 

"Hi Fnan! Love your blog! I am looking to change up my style a little bit and would love to know where you get your inspiration from? For now I mainly use IG so maybe you could suggest some people to follow? Thank you! - Emily" 

Thank you, Emily! :D 

Before you start looking for style inspiration sources, I would recommend you to ask yourself a few questions regarding your current style and where you want to take that first. What do you think your personal style should look like? What message do you want your image or style to convey to the world? Can you describe your style in words? 

Because once you do this simple exercise, it'll be easier for you to narrow down your research to specific styles. For instance, if you describe your style to be professional, then you will look for inspiration sources who will keep giving you "professional style" ideas. And that is why this part of the process is important. So know exactly what you're looking for first. 

Then, here are some places I'd recommend you to look in to for some style inspiration: 

1. Instagram

The visual social app should be the quickest and best platform for fashion or style inspiration to date. It is on your phone, it allows you to save your favorite looks or posts from your favorite style influencers on the platform. As far as who to follow, again, depending on the type of style you are trying to build for yourself, you can start following people whose style you relate to or would like to get inspiration from. Use the hashtag feature to search for what you are looking for. So if your word was professional, type in and search for #professionalstyle #workwear #corporatestyle and you will find what you're looking for. 

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is another one of my favorites. By simply using specific words you can do a quick research on the style options available out there. In fact, it's the platform I use to collect pictures from for my client's inspiration board. You can easily create specific boards for different styles or occasions and "pin" pictures related to those boards for future reference. So whenever you're ready to buy something new, or don't know what to wear from your closet, you can just come back to your boards for inspiration. 

3. Magazines

I still love using fashion and style magazines, and no digital format will ever replace them for me. Think of some of the biggest fashion magazines out there, like Vogue, Elle, Grazia, GQ, Esquire, etc. who continue to provide new and beautiful visual content every month. So that is definitely another place I'd invite you to look at for exciting ideas. 

4. Retail Stores

In your free time, visit your favorite retail stores or just go window shopping to see what the stores are providing. I love looking at how the stores dress their mannequins, too, as they normally do their research on what works and have professional stylists or image consultants prepare the looks ready for you. It's always nice to keep updated on new styles, shapes, fabrics and colors that might inspire you to pair items you never thought would've worked together before.

5. Online Stores

This is an alternative to going window shopping, as fashion e-commerce sites are full of style pairing ideas. You could actually look into the items they are selling one by one and browse through their photos, or you could check out their blogs and/or signup for their newsletters where they'll send you many outfit ideas straight to your inbox on a daily or weekly basis. 

Where do you look into for some style inspiration? Let me know in the comments below and always feel free to get in touch with me via email (me@fnan.co) or through one of my social media profiles below. 

Thank you, Emily, for inspiring this blog post. :) 

Yours sincerely,