The Importance of Knowing Your Body Shape

Photo Source: Pexels

Photo Source: Pexels

The first step to dressing well is to create a visually-balanced body silhouette.  

Somebody asked me from an old post, "What does a balanced or a pleasant silhouette look like?"

Ideally, for women, creating an equally balanced or proportional figure between the upper part and lower part of the body is said to be visually pleasant and/or attractive.

For men, a study has revealed that the "athlete" body shape or men with broad shoulders, a defined chest and bulging biceps are desired by most, both, men and women.

Also, notice if you go in stores, most outfits are mass designed to fit the shape of an average model (also known as the ideal body). That's why most outfits look amazing on models and looks all kinds of wrong when we try them on. 

Now, the good news is that anyone can visually create the perfect body illusion through outfits and colors. That's what I do as a professional dresser. 

I wish to remind you that the body that we have been gifted with is the only perfect body for us. We have to love it, respect it and be kind to it. With that mindset, you will not only exude confidence but you will also know how to take care of your body.

I won't even dwell so much into the problems media, modern beauty or trends play into manipulating us to conform, over-spend and shake our confidence level down. Because to me, it's a bunch of noise that I choose to shut out. As should you.

I choose to dress or present myself better because it makes me feel better and prepared. We all have some things we like to do that makes us feel good about ourselves, right? For some people it's collecting vinyl records, for others it's traveling, or sky-diving. Whatever it is, do something that makes you feel on top of your game and at your absolute best not because someone told you so.  But because it feels awesome.

And that is why, for those who share the same feeling with me about dressing up and presenting a better image, you should: 

1. Know your body to feel good in your body

2. Know your body to know how to dress it well

3. Know your body to build your personal style

The first step to package your perfect body is to understand its shape, curve and movements. Once we know what our body's shape looks like and when/how it folds, you will have a style objective that will help you create styles and outfit looks to achieve an equally proportional shape. Which also means that your outfits will look good on you. Sounds like a science lesson right? It kind of is. 

Your outfit will look less flattering if/when your body shape looks less proportional or imbalanced in that particular outfit.

Are we good so far? Please ask me questions in the comment below if you'd like me to elaborate more.

We all come in all sizes and shapes, and naturally there are features in our body that we like to accentuate and show more off than other features. So the trick is to identify those physical features that we would like to conceal through clothing silhouettes and colors first and then focus on enhancing the physical features that we love about our body. 

Roughly, people fall into one or two of the categories below. So, remember, first you identify whether you are:

  • Big on the bottom

  • Big on the chest or shoulders

  • Big in the middle

  • Straight-lined or no curves

  • Proportional top to bottom

You will then take that information to create your new style objective. 

For example, if you are big on the bottom, then your objective would be to correct that silhouette by filling up the upper part of your body so that it can balance with your bottom area. So the action plan would be to wear shirts or tops that grab attention through prints, details, and work around the neckline or shoulders which in return will add volume on your upper body, and wear dark trousers to get the attention off that region. If you are a female, in addition to that, you would accentuate your waistline through belts or tops that curve in around the waist to achieve that hourglass figure. Who wouldn't want that? :) 

So for every body shape, there is an image objective to, again, create a proportional silhouette.

And that is why you should know what your body shape is like. :) 

Now, I would love to hear from you. Do you know what styles look good on you and what don't? If you do then you know your body well! What is your style objective then? Share your thoughts in the comments below and as always, feel free to reach out whenever for questions or other information. I wish you a wonderful day.

Lots of well wishes,