3 Reasons Why You Should Build an Interchangeable Wardrobe

Photo Source: Pexels

Photo Source: Pexels

A wardrobe is said to be interchangeable when every outfit or accessory item compliments and matches with the rest of the items in that wardrobe. It is also sometimes known as a capsule wardrobe, where minimalists manage their wardrobe with selective and essential pieces that they love to wear all the time. Their focus is to collect items they only need and not want, therefore, ending up with very few pieces. 

The goal of building an interchangeable wardrobe is to make more looks out of what you already own, become more efficient in dressing up, discontinue purchasing fast fashion so often and instead invest in accumulating only quality pieces that will serve you well in their lifetime. Oh and let's not forget, the ultimate goal here is to look effortlessly good!  

Here are two examples of an interchangeable wardrobe, one for men and another for women.

Example I

Example I

Example II

Example II

The three reasons why you should consider building your capsule/interchangeable wardrobe are:

Save time to pick clothes to wear

A lot of professionals struggle dressing up early in the morning. Imagine a world where anything you pick from your closet matches or compliments another piece you randomly select? An interchangeable wardrobe makes that possible. All you need to worry about is organizing your wardrobe according to the season. Bring your current season’s wardrobe into the closet and store away last season’s items that you won’t be using until next year.

Use less clothing items to get more looks

You can have only 25 clothing items in your wardrobe and it will make 288 different outfit looks. How? If they are all interchangeable. Say, 8 shirts, 4 blazers, 9 trousers and 4 shoes will make up different looks that will last you more than nine months. As you’ve probably heard this saying before, less is more. Less clothing options equal convenience and less clutter in your closet.

Spend less money

When you own less clothing items that match well with each complimentary item in your wardrobe (that will give you many outfit options), you wind up spending less money. When building an interchangeable wardrobe, you will only keep what you need, only items that fit and flatter you will be put into consideration. Therefore, you will know exactly what you need to buy. This might cost you a little bit at the moment of purchase, but with quality so good that when you count the number of times you wear the item and the length of time that you will have it, its cost value is nothing. This will also eliminate any chance for compulsive shopping, which 9 times out of ten, the items we purchase are things we don't even need. 

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I hope it can help you eliminate waste and clutter by embracing and making use of only your essentials and signature items in your wardrobe.

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