21 Reasons Why Your Looks Matter

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A lot of people ask me what it takes to be successful. Success comes in different forms and for many people in different ways. There’s no one, direct way to go about it. However, I truly believe that we are able to be on the right path to success by controlling and managing what we put out in the world everyday. In everything we do, we're sending signals and whatever comes our way is triggered due to our actions, our words, our appearance and how we're perceived by others. To be able to create and control other people’s perception of ourselves is not easy. For a lot of people it seems impossible, and if you're one of them, then I would like to invite you to keep reading and subscribe to our weekly blog as I share our scientifically proven approaches to use to make it all possible. It’s challenging and will probably take a lot more time, patience and the correct strategies, but everything is possible by putting the effort.

The number one and most important strategy I have for you today that you can immediately put into effect and that will influence people's perception of us is by taking control of your looks and appearance. In this article, I write about the reasons why, as superficial as it may sound, our looks matter and what they can do for us. 


1. Our abilities are judged based on what we are wearing

Did you know that in the first 3 seconds, a person has already decided whether you’re capable to do the job or not, just by the attire that you have on? The smarter you look, the smarter people truly think you are, which works in your favor. No matter how we feel about this, it is the unpleasant fact and instead of fighting it, leverage on your image to grow your career and succeed in your endeavors. I say give the world something good to judge about. 

2. Command respect

In any given encounter, people will also process in their mind whether they should respect you less, like an equal or superior. If you dress well, you automatically become one of those people who are simply worthy of other people's respect without even trying.  Some ways of commanding respect include working on your personal image, body language and communication skills. 

3. Powerful non-verbal communication

To get ahead in life involves many things, but one of the important elements we have at our disposal is our non-verbal communication ability. Our appearance and clothing send powerful non-verbal messages. Get it right and be intentional about what you want to say about yourself without verbally saying it.

4. More likely to be trusted

Did you know that wearing certain colors and cuts would actually make you seem trustworthy? When you are dressed for the job you say you’re qualified for, people immediately look at you for approval. Depending on the way you look, they’ll make the decision whether you’re credible, honest and promise quality.  

5. Powerful personal brand

When you have a strong personal brand, your positive reputation and personal image will pave the way for you in anything you do. A personal brand is the image that you portray of yourself in public. It is the image and message by which people will remember you. The idea is to create, manage and control our personal brand so that we are perceived the way we would like to be perceived to succeed in business. Our looks and clothing play a major part in developing a powerful personal brand. 

6. Get the recognition you deserve

It can sometimes be frustrating when you are not recognized for the good work and value that you bring in your job. The worst is when you are unnoticed and unacknowledged for your efforts that make a good impact on your company or clients. The fact is this: people are more likely to notice us when we appear to be present and exude leadership qualities. Stand up for yourself by looking like you're not to be messed around with. 

7. Investors will trust you with their money

If you’re on your way to start a business, you have to convince investors that you will use their money to make them more money. Apart from the numbers and data that you will report, your level of confidence, what you’re wearing, and the simple efforts that you have put on your appearance will determine whether you’ll get the investment or not.

8. Most likely to be hired

I’ll bet this is already clear. But I’ll give you a real example of how my two good friends were competing for the same job, and the fancy looking one who wasn’t as qualified as the other one got the job. In finance. Does it sound unfair? Not at all, the appropriately-dressed one worked on his image just as the other one neglected it, and said what most people always tell me, “My work will speak for itself”. Yep, but you lost the job. Now I have his attention.

9. Be noticed for a promotion

If your company promotes personnel growth, then you’ve got the hardest part out of the way. The easy part is getting yourself noticed for the opportunities. Apart from getting in touch with the right people at the company, showing them what great of a job you’re doing there, dress and look like the position that you want to get.

10. Dressing well will boost your confidence level

Have you noticed how when you’re dressed up you carry yourself so well? It’s because it makes you feel good about yourself hence why you look so confident in the way you handle yourself. You look more poised and are self-assured in any given situation. Put me in my favorite pair of pantsuit, my showstopper stilettos, with hair done, and makeup flawless? Then observe my walk change too. (ha!) Because dressing up just has that affect of you wanting to take the world in your hands.

11. Make a good first impression

In the first few seconds of meeting you, your audience has already determined three things about you. Your socioeconomic status, your educational level, and your desirability. All of this before you have even uttered a word. They’ve already established how successful you are or are likely to be, and whether they find you valuable enough to keep around or stay far away from. Whether we accept it or not, the clothing and colors we wear from our hair down to our shoes speak volumes. Remember, you don't get a second chance to make a good first impression. 

12. More likely to succeed if you dress like success

You know what they say, look like success before you succeed. When you look like success, doors of opportunities open and things are more likely to happen for you. They don't happen overtime but if you’re consistent, and build that strong image of who you are on the inside outside, it will show. Define what success means to you and dress accordingly.

13. Make more money

Yes, I said it. When you look like a superior you can demand superior fees or salaries. When you look like everyone else, you’ll be offered average pay. And I’ve had first hand experience in this for about four years in my job as an assistant manager and HR executive in Saudi Arabia. It felt completely unfair, but those were the laws of the jungle. Leverage on your image and demand premium payment.

14. Create your own luck

When I moved to Italy to pursue my career while studying, I failed to get the jobs that I had wanted to support my dreams. There are thousands of unemployed skilled people with the experience that the job providers seek and, therefore, the odds didn't work in my favor. So, what did I do? Definitely not sulk around and wait for somebody to call me. I decided to create my own luck by looking the best I can be, networking with influential people and sharing my ideas. That’s how FNAN.CO came to be.

15. In control of your life

When we know exactly what we want we are able to take full charge of our life. Taking control of what you look means managing the impression you make, managing your reputation, knowing your personal style, knowing how to wisely spend your money and managing your time. 

16. Roll with the best of them

We attract people who are similar to us. And you know what they say, to attract success, surround yourself with success. Being around the right/successful people will support your business and your brand image in many ways, for example: they will be your powerful source of referral. To draw these types of people into our lives, we should just be well polished and look our best.

17. Fake it till you make it

I am against lying. So don’t lie. But what’s wrong with influencing others' perception just by your image? I see no wrong in that. Let people think whatever they wish to think as long as you don’t have to say anything. Let your image do the saying for you. By simply tweaking everything that comes out from your brand experience, such as your image, good etiquette, your business card, etc. people will label you qualified. Later, transfer the good perception you have built into action so that you win people’s loyalty. ‘Faking it’ works temporarily so you must deliver on your promises.  

18. Your clothing and style will make a statement for you

Reveal your wonderful personality and energy through your clothing and style. They will make a visual statement for you that is unique and truly you every single time. Not all will resonate with your style, but by expressing yourself, you become authentic to who you are and consistent with your message. Now, wearing flip flops could be how you wish to express yourself, as they are comfortable and they reflect what you like but be careful as the message you are sending with those is that you're not a serious, capable and committed professional.  

19. Versatility

The best part of wearing a good outfit is that it just gets a lot easier to fit into any occasion. With proper dressing, grooming and appearance, you can go to work that day, into meetings, lunch, and then attend events in the evening, all without having to change. The contrary is dressed in casual sportswear to go to the local store. This outfit will not get you in a decent restaurant without getting any stare downs and definitely not welcome you to events where proper attire is a must. Looking good all the time just saves you the trouble of changing so much and simplifies your life.

20. Get better service

Enter a restaurant or a boutique dressed in a washed out hoodie and scruffy jeans and notice how the staff welcome you. Now, another day, enter wearing your sharpest garment on, smelling like heaven and see now what happens. The experience and service you will most likely get is much, much better than when you went to that same place with that scruffy getup on. They will look at you and label you as a high spender so you will get the finest service.

21. Looking good will add more experience to your skills

There are certain outfit combinations that we can put on that will add experience to our image. This is mostly relevant to somebody who is just entering the workforce or starting their own business. You can’t get away with athleisure outfits anymore because it’ll make you look inexperienced, laid back, too young and just not management material.


What are your thoughts? Tell me in the comments below the reasons why you personally think looks matter. Or if you think they don't matter at all, what do you think it takes for men and women to build a positive perception on others? 

I look forward to read and share your ideas. 

As always, I wish you well. If you have friends, colleagues or clients who are into constantly improving their image, share this post to let them know that their effort does not go unnoticed. If, instead, they are at the early stages of growing their business or developing a personal brand then these reasons might encourage them. Thank you for being here. 

Yours sincerely,