9 Steps To Discover Your Work Wear Style

Photo Source: Pexels

Photo Source: Pexels

A lot of people have the tendency to assume that any clothing items labeled as work wear is what they should wear to work to fit in. But what those people don’t understand is that we cannot and should not aspire to fit in, unless your aim is to avoid attention, complete the given job, get your paycheck and go home. And repeat. 

For those that aspire to do something they’re passionate about for a living, to continue developing themselves and their skills, and to eventually become financially independent, that option is not reserved for them.

Your style and/or personal image is one of the most important elements that you can use to set yourself apart from everybody else who does exactly what you do for a living, or sells what you sell. Some of you might say, “Why bother? Who cares, my work will speak for itself.” You may be good at what you do, but your competition is making the extra effort to provide an unrivaled customer experience and is currently out there winning over those same clients you are looking for. 

Scientists and marketing researchers confirm that people will buy a product they have never bought before based on its packaging. Product packaging affects buying decisions and a great packaging will lead to greater sales. We’re like products, competing to stand out, to get picked and hired from thousands of job/service applications. Yes, your work and value offer will speak for itself, but your packaging (in other words image and style) will showcase the expert abilities you possess. 

While respecting your office dress code is important, don’t feel restricted to expressing your personal style. So, how can we discover and learn more about what our personal work style is? These 9 steps will help you do just that.


Step 1. What better way to learn and discover about your style than to look into your own style ‘aka’ your closet. Look at everything you have and ask yourself, "Is the style I currently own the way I want to be perceived by others? Or can I do better? Does it align with my career goals?"

Step 2. How you can do it better begins by crafting your message. Have a clear message of what you want to be in this world. Before crafting your message in a sentence or even one word, journaling down your goals in life will really help you visualize who you want to be. When you think of you being at the top of your career, extremely happy and accomplished, what do you see? What did you look like? How did that image make you feel? Note that picture down in words so you can implement that image today.   

Step 3. Attach visuals to your message. Use scenes from movies or your favorite style influencers for style inspiration. Create a folder on your PC or journal and collect those images and/or videos that align with your goals.

Step 4. Leverage on your best assets. The best part about us human beings is that we all come in different and amazing shapes, sizes and colors; it can’t get any more personal than that. Think of the compliments you have received in the past about a certain outfit. “Oh you’ve lost some weight”(even though you haven’t, it’s the outfit giving that illusion) “That color looks great on you” or “you look fresh today”. Most of the time, the clothing that we wear has that effect on our bodies and skin tones. Find those colors, materials, patterns and clothing silhouette combinations that best compliment your unique physical attributes.

Step 5. Before we start feeling overwhelmed, in this step I will just ask you to take a minute to stop thinking about everything. Relax. I understand it’s not easy reshuffling your entire wardrobe that you’ve built over your career or in some cases your lifetime. Organize yourself by downloading this worksheet attached here and fill it up one step at a time. If you're feeling a bit creative, attach images (in small sizes to fit the worksheet) of your outfit.  

Step 6. Now, that you’ve downloaded the worksheet, think FIRST, of the basic staple pieces in your wardrobe that go with everything. Staple items are those items that one; you wear often, two; that fit within the “company dress code’ policy (in other words functional and suitable for your field of business) and three; that can’t make your look go wrong, so that means the item looks great on you and its measurement fit you so well. This item goes with everything you have. Check in your wardrobe if you have items that comply with the term staple pieces. If yes, keep them, if not, make note to invest in those everyday pieces when you plan to shop.

Step 7. Now you have your staple items sorted out. Fill up your staple pieces with statement pieces that are personal to you, that portray your message, reflect your uniqueness and style. Express yourself by adding your twist to the basics that you now have. For example, replace your belts with suspenders to dress up the basic white dress shirt, if that reflects your style preference. To add a trendy and preppy twist to your look, then a bow tie might appeal to your style. If rugged and edgy are some ways to describe your style, then a great leather jacket is a great addition to your wardrobe. If the gentleman style, classic or old school appeal more to you then you will love double-breasted suits, perhaps hats, layering up with vests, coats and scarves is the style you might lean towards. Find your twist and integrate it to your work wear. Just remember not to digress away from your career goals. So, your twist + your goals = Personal Work-wear Goals.  

Step 8. Look at the rest of your wardrobe and see what else you have left. You’ve already built your staples and statements that are now neatly put away in your closet. So what’s still lying around on your bedroom floor after you’ve cleaned out your closet? Look at them piece by piece and check for what you love wearing and feel really comfortable in. Keep those. Separate (or donate) your items that are no longer in line with your message. It’s time to say goodbye if you haven’t worn an item in over a year, if it has any flaws like stains or little holes and if the fabric or color looks worn/washed out.

Step 9. Your wardrobe is complete. Congratulations for making it this far!! Now, identify in pairs those that really make you feel awesome. Which are the combinations of tops, bottoms and accessories that when you wear them together make you look in the mirror like, “D*mn, I look geeewwwd”. Make this look and combination your uniform. By that I mean, don’t store these great combinations for an occasion or event. Make it your to-go-to look every day. From now on, this will be your guide to dressing up. Whenever you go shopping, think of those combinations together and look how you can re-invent them with different items. My sole aim in life as an image consultant is to make your fine self look fiiiiine all year round!


I want you to rock the best version of yourself every chance you can get, ideally that would be every day! In the comments below, tell me how do you plan to look 'fiiine' everyday? Are there any dressing policies in the office that might hold you from employing a better work wear style? Last, do you believe discovering your work wear style will bring great value in your career?

I’m eager to hear your thoughts and ideas. 

At FNAN.CO we are about sharing the knowledge so anybody can adopt those ideas in their lives immediately for career growth and self satisfaction. I encourage you to pass this post and share it with your family members, friends, colleagues and associates who are good and hardworking people looking to improve their image.

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