15 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Photo Source: Pexels

Photo Source: Pexels


To be fearless. 

What an exhilarating thought. To be confident is to be free, to be powerful and unstoppable. I know we could all use some doze of that attribute.  

Luckily, confidence is an achievable and trainable trait. The secret ingredient to self-confidence is belief. Nothing more, nothing less. Believing in yourself is the ultimate power to high achievement. You become invincible and are most likely to succeed in all that you set your mind to, because when you believe in your ability to do something, your brain affects your thoughts and behaviors that then are programmed to act accordingly. And this has been scientifically proven and tested so many times. 

As human beings, our nature automatically seeks security and comfort. A lot of people go through life settling for "good enough" after they've had any setbacks or failures in an attempt to achieve their dreams. But what differentiates people like Mark Cuban, Michael Jordan and Steve Jobs from those people is their ability to get back up again, belief in themselves and their abilities supported by action. 

You hold the power to create your own opportunities and chances, no matter how big they are. You just have to be confident in yourself.

I've written 15 ways to increase your confidence that have worked for me and millions of other people. I hope they work for you too.  

Trust your capabilities

You have two options; you can either trust your ability to do what you enjoy doing, or avoid it and become unhappy. You have to trust in your skill to design, (if that's what you enjoy doing), you have to trust in your ability to lead teams, or manage change, etc. You know your strengths; trust it and let it lead you. 

Know what you want

It can be discouraging to try to do things you don't know you want to do. It can be anything, from choosing your career path to what color tie to wear. When you know exactly what your goal is, your focus is narrowed down to that specific goal. In return, you are more likely to be confident with your choice.

Dress better

Dressing up will uplift your confidence level because it makes you look good and put-together. Putting the extra effort to dress up also gives you a competitive edge at your office, in meetings or at networking events, because people perceive you to be more successful, capable and of high status.

Smell good

Good aroma and smell affects your mood positively. Especially when it's a cologne or perfume you really connect with. A little spritz of that will have you in a good mood and your behavior is likely to change because of it. 

Practice hygienic routine

So, the complete opposite of smelling good is not smelling good. And just like good smells positively affect your mood or brain, foul smell will affect you negatively and will make you feel uncomfortable in your own body; which in return affects your confidence level. So incorporating a good hygiene practice will not only keep your body healthy and clean,  but it will also save you from being self-conscious all the time. 

Do power poses

Standing tall, with chin parallel to the ground, shoulders relaxed and chest up affects your mood and behavior positively, according to psychologist, Amy Cuddy. So, I'm out here doing my Wonder Woman power pose every day for a boost of confidence. You should try it. :)


According to scientists at the University of Montreal (Perreau-Linck et al) meditation releases feel-good chemicals that fights depression and self-doubt. So, 10 minutes of meditation per day will put you in the right mindset as well as help you control your breathing which is believed to keep you in a controlled, relaxed and confident state in any given situation. 

Be prepared

For most of us, preparation is key to perform better. Being prepared with your industry knowledge/insights, presentation, etc. will make you feel confident to stand up in front of many people to deliver a speech, to speak with your interviewer, or just to give your driving license test. "One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation" - Arthur Ashe.  

Know your weaknesses

Trying to do everything is stressful and redundant. First of all, we can't be good at everything. Second, it's inefficient. It's best to know what your weaknesses are to refrain from engaging in them and the sooner you can discover your weaknesses, the more you can focus on your strengths, instead, and become more productive and successful.

Face your weaknesses

The alternative to steering away from your weaknesses is, of course, to face them. If you feel like a particular weakness is crucial to your business' success or it's just a skill you wish to develop, then you should work on it until you become more confident with it. 

Have a killer shoe game

Sometimes, simple things like wearing very good shoes can influence your entire outfit and image, and in return, your mood. The right shoes can make a dull outfit look interesting. 

Build a good posture

A good body posture will get you to think more confidently as apposed to slouching. It makes you look more powerful and in control, which is why you will think more highly of yourself.


Exercising brings several benefits to your body and your mind. Adopting a regular exercise habit keeps your body in great shape, makes your skin look good, makes you a lot happier, relaxes your mind, feeds you energy; all amazing benefits that will bring you more confidence.  

Have a thing that makes you confident

It might be a good luck charm, or a lucky shirt, maybe a favorite song that makes you feel great. For me it's the color red. When I have something red on, I feel like I can do anything. It's weird, but it's my thing. Have a thing that makes you feel confident. 

Surround yourself with positivity

Stay away from anything that affects your vibe negatively. My mother says, "What is life's purpose if it's not sweet?" In my culture, it means, embrace your life with positivity. If you find yourself around pessimist or discouraging company, drop them. If you keep hearing negative news, put it off. Any type of negativity stifles your initiative to do great things. Stay positive to think positive and be more confident. 

What's your point of view? Tell me in the comments below, in case I've missed something, what practices can influence or increase confidence level? What are the things you like to do to feel more confident? Let me know! :)

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Sending you lots of love and well wishes,